School and Youth Groups

How can we help your school or youth group?


The Outdoors is a great place to learn and have fun in, however it can be a dangerous place to. We love the outdoors and we want others to enjoy it to. Our qulaified and experienced staff can offer training that is tailored to your groups needs. Children will learn from the experience develop skills which will set them up for life.


What training can we deliver?


We can tailor training to your groups needs. This can be a expedition across Scotland on Water, on 2 Wheels or on Foot or maybe a day in the hills learning to navigate.


What equipment do we provide?


We can provide Canoes, Kayaks, Tents, Cooking Equipment and Rucksacs as well as Sleeping Bags and Mats.


Where do we provide training?


Although we are based in Northumberland, we can offer training across the UK. We have delivered expedition modules in Scotland on Loch Tay and Canoed across Scotland on The Caledonian Canal.


Other sessions on Navigation have taken here in Northumberland and learing to canoe and kayak has taken place not only on our own dorstep but in The Lakes and Scotland.


What group size can we take?


We can take groups out sized from 4 to 18, anything bigger becomes unwieldly and participants loose interest in the learning experience.


Can we deliver DofE Training?


If you are interested in DofE training, please contact us to discuss options. We can provide equipment, training, supervision and assessment at all levels. Expeditions, don't need on foot, we also offer canoe and cycling as expedition options.


What groups do we provide training for?


To date we have provided training for schools, cubs guides and scouts as well as colleges and national Citizenship Schemes.


How much does training cost?


It is difficult to be specific as each groups training needs are different as are the locations we travel to, What we can a say is that any quote will be competative. please contact us today to discuss your needs. You can contact us via our website or call 01665 602925.


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